Aerocon is your one stop solution for all your building needs of modern construction. Aerocon green building line comprises of walling solutions. The solution portfolio primarily includes Aerocon AAC Blocks & dry mix products in Wet Walling, cement sandwich panels, boards & jointing compound in Dry Walling.


The Dry Walling solution from Aerocon include pre-cured, high-performance, light-weight, easy and ready-to-install walling solutions.

  • Panels

    Unique, ready-to-install Aerocon Solid Wall Panels are cement sandwich panels, made of two fibre reinforced cement facing sheets,on either sides of a light-weight concrete core . The core is made from a mix Portland cement and binders.

  • Fibre Cement Boards

    Crafted for performance Aerocon Fibre Cement Boards are truly Green – a result of breakthrough innovation brought about through extensive R&D efforts combined with cutting edge technology.

  • Smartbond

    A flush, seamless panel system that offers the perfect surface for any kind of finish. To ensure this, the joints between panels need to be covered and reinforced for smooth, structurally strong walls and ceilings.

  • Designer Boards

    Aerocon Designer Board and Planks are eco-friendly supporting the Green Building cause. Pre-textured wooden finish Aerocon Designer Boards and Planks are made with closest natural wood finish.


Fibre Cement Boards


Designer Boards


The Wet Walling solution from Aerocon includes durable load bearing and energy saving construction materials that require curing thus providing cost efficient and eco-friendly walling solutions.

  • AAC Blocks

    Strong and lightweight walling material. Aerocon AAC Blocks are the excellent substitute for clay bricks, concrete and hollow blocks.

  • Block Jointing Mortar

    Aerocon Block Jointing Mortar is a superior water resistant cement based mortar joint especially formulated for joining Aerocon AAC Blocks.

  • Ready Mix Plaster

    Aerocon Ready Mix Plaster is a blend of portland cement, fine graded sand and water soluble, high quality polymer additives, in the right proportions.

AAC Blocks

Block Jointing Mortar

Ready Mix Plaster