We deliver the best of cinematic experience with hand pick products and solutions for you and your loved at home. A limitless integration of design and AV packages that will lead you to choose the ultimate indoor entertainment considering your room size need and budget.


Acoustically and versatile home cinema rooms

The great versatility in the design of theater rooms best in class with no compromise on acoustic and aesthetic performance. Designers are fluent in the latest design software creative suites to help you deliver comprehensive home cinema tech details and realistic renders guaranteed to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.


Stunning visual experience

A wide choice of projectors brings the thrill of watching big screen visuals in your entertainment room. Assure the true cinema experience guaranteed with an amazing range of 4K UHD/Laser/DLP projectors.


An immersive speaker systems
LCR / Surround speakers / Subwoofers and atoms

Team will help you choose the right loudspeakers, considering the client requirements, room size and budget. Sounding good home cinema is an apt choice of speakers that suits your room and intended to deliver the immersive experience at your premise.


Superb Hme AV equipments
AV Receivers/Processors/Preamp/Poweramp

Only a good choice of AV equipment systems that delivers the exceptional performance of Audio and Video. We provides the suitable solutions that give you the stunning Audio, Sounding beautiful enough of your home theatre room. With most advanced technology intended for immersive surround format such as DOLBY ATMOS, Auro-3D, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced, full 4k UHD Support.


Comfort Home Theater Seating

Comfort Reclining seating is the most essential piece in the theater chair family. It is characterized by a perfect combination between comfort and refined details, like thick stitching on sight and ergonomic head cushions. The client can choose between curved or straight rows and including single seating, love-seats and daybeds. Comfort theater seating can ne covered with precious leather, fabrics and bespoke cloth according to customer needs.


Luxury of Home cinema automation

We offer a digital concierge experience, paired with all home cinema systems, lighting and air conditions. With synchronization one touch solution will reduce the usage of handling multiple remotes, giving the complete comfort. We’ll design a home cinema automation solution that ushers in elegant sophistication and pairs it with convenience and unlimited luxury.