At Unitech Windows we excel as UPVC windows & doors manufacturers. Now UPVC isn’t just a random buzzword, 30 years of innovation and research has gone into this compound. It is one of the strongest materials that are used to build the framework of windows and doors. The benefits that UPVC has in store are:

  • Resistant to any type of weather. Sturdy materials can withstand strong wind forces, hot, and cold temperatures.
  • The integration of titanium oxide in the compound provides a good barrier against UV rays from the sun.
  • No fungus or termite infestation is possible in UPVC. The products are designed such that no gaps or crevices are present.
  • Unlike wooden frames, UPVC frames are fire resistant. They are also self-extinguishable
  • Maintenance isn’t a hassle with UPVC technology, our experts show up just for installation and then maybe after a couple of years.
  • Water does not erode or damage the frames in any possible way. There will be no seepage present too.

Casement windows/doors

Fixed windows

Sliding windows/doors

Bay Windows

French doors

Combination doors/windows


Our products have set new standards when it comes to the aspects of durability and longevity. Nothing comes close to this in the market.

The window and doors we provide include:

  • Casement windows/doors
    Fixes with a single hinge and allows swinging motion in and out or up and down. Casement UPVC windows/doors come with best in class material and can easily fit into any decor and design.
  • Fixed windows
    Like the name suggests it cannot be open, these windows are best to allow ample natural light or showcase a great view.
  • Sliding windows/doors
    The most popular types of windows/doors these days. Sliding windows in Chennai are adopted in places with restricted space.
  • Bay Windows
    These windows form a type of arc or bay and are well suited for curved spaces.
  • French doors
    These are casement doors but with more numbers or sashes. They are promoted for better lighting and larger passageways.
  • Combination doors/windows
    These the mixture two types of products. Generally fixed with sliding or casement.


Windows and doors are probably not that significant in your day to day life, they are taken for granted most of the time. However, a window or door does so much that goes unnoticed. That is why they should be strong and capable enough to handle these tasks.

Upvc is a high-grade material that is highly capable of enduring many elements and us at UnitechWindows are a top Upvc windows & door dealer. The benefits of Upvc are plenty and here are a few of them:

  • All-weather resistant
    The weather can be very unpredictable at times, however, uPVC products are built to handle any type of weather without a hassle. Be it rainy, snowy, windy, or sunny, the tough reinforced material can withstand it all.
  • Fungal and termite
    This issue is prevalent in many windows and doors. But with uPVC as a material, these issues are non-existent. We are known as Termite proof & soundproof uPVC window & door manufacturers since we produce top uPVC products that repel every fungus and termite.
  • HI-UV resistant
    A large and constant amount of UV rays can be harmful to our bodies. Therefore upvc are coated with titanium di-oxide 5.94% that absorb most of the UV radiation present.
  • Fire-resistant
    Wood and other material tend to catch fire rather quickly and can lead to dangerous effects. Upvc, on the other hand, is resistant to fire as most tests have shown.
  • Water tightness
    Our talented workforce installs these products to such perfection that there is no leakage or seepage of water even during the harshest weather.

From this, you know how strong a uPVC product is and we at UnitechWindows have all our products made with uPVC. From Fixed uPVC windows to sliding uPVC doors, we are a one-stop destination for all.